The Little Prince Gets A Job

Chauffeur du monde, we tip our hats
To you (et nos chapeaux). Congrats!
Today you have successfully
Completed lap one hundred three
Around the sun without dislodging
Helen Johnson Collins! Dodging
Comets, NASA probes and dust
Whilst coddling my grandma must
Be taxing. That’s why you’re a star!
You’ve done an awesome job so far
And we applaud you. One more thing
We’d like to ask: Please help us sing
The (public domain!) Birthday Song
To her? We’ll start, you sing along,
And when we get to that part, please
Include her middle name (Louise).
Merci! Drive safely! We’ll be here
For one-oh-four same time next year!


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Silliness is good
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One Response to The Little Prince Gets A Job

  1. Judy says:

    What a lovely gift for Helen Louise Johnson Collins who made her entrance in Fort Worth, Texas, 24 February 1913.

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