Remember when we shared the joy
Of Monday on a Tuesday? Boy,
Was that just last week? Seems much longer,
Though today it got much wronger:
It’s a five-day week, without
A Monday holiday. (Don’t pout,
At least the day that you were born
Is still your own; poor George was shorn
Of his, which should have been today
And not last Monday.) Anyway,
The George/Abe Mashup last week meant
The Tuesday slot’s where Monday went
‘Cause every workweek needs a goat
On which to scape; Tue. won the vote.
But that’s okay, it balances
(If cals. are where your talents is)
Because today–ostensibly
A Montag, Maandag, lunedì
Is February 22nd:
Two/Two-two (or, if it’s reckoned
In the European fashion
Two-two/Two). You write the slashin’
Anywhere that works for you,
The point’s the date: It’s 222!
It’s Twosday on Monday! And
Two-morrow, Tuesday Two is planned!
Monday lovers, don’t be blue–
That full moon’s shining just for you,
But Tuesday Groupies, live the dream!
For just this week, your day’s supreme.


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Silliness is good
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