Fat Tuesday

Gras means “fat” and Tuesday’s Mardi;
Carnival’s a massive party
Where, for fear of Lenten rigor,
People’s appetites grow bigger.
Tuesday’s fat because it’s eating
Everything it might be needing
From tomorrow ’til the Bunny
Comes on Easter. What’s not funny
Is how many empty bellies
Can’t indulge in sweets and jellies
Or a simple slice of bread
Today—they’ve spent their cash instead
On shelter or a tank of gas.
The only way that pain will pass
Is if community Food Banks
Can help them out, so let’s give thanks
That almost all of us can say
We won’t be struggling today
To feed our children or ourselves,
And help the Food Banks restock shelves
Stripped bare each day by famine’s greed.
That’s worth a Carnival, indeed!


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