Go To Hades, Aedes!

It’s getting hard to justify
Mosquitoes. I’m a patient guy,
An advocate of second chances,
But that non-judgmental stance is
Not so easy to maintain
As one would wish when baby’s brain
And undeveloped skull are shrunk
Because some Zika virus punk
Of a mosquito tasted Mama.
Bite me, skeeters! ‘Scuse the drama
And the language, but I’m peeved. You’re
On the hook for Yellow Fever
And malaria, so what’s
The deal with Zika? Darn your butts!

It breaks my live-and-let-live rule,
But microcephaly’s not cool
And I’m not feeling that forgiving.
If mosquitoes just stopped living
I’m not sure I’d shed a tear;
I might be more inclined to cheer!
Think I’ll change my mind? Good luck.
That’s how I feel: Mosquitoes suck!


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