Audrey III

Importunate, that’s my cat.
Impertinent? She’s also that.
She’s glad to be whatever works,
From fool to fuzzy sack of jerks
To drama queen, if food’s the prize.
She’s Hunger in a cat disguise.
Try and tell her, Take a powder!
She hears, Could you yowl louder?
Not content with daily bread,
She wants it hourly instead,
And could you cut the crusts off, please?
Call her greedy, she agrees,
But in a good way, she’ll amend.
She’s happiest when we pretend
Each meal’s the first she’s had today.
At last! she’ll purr. Don’t walk away!
This empty bowl won’t fill itself,
And there’s a box upon that shelf
That has my picture on it, so
How ’bout you grab that ‘fore you go?

I’ll put my foot down. Soon! Not yet.
Right now, I have to feed my pet.


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