Groovy Tuesday?

Lacking options, I would choose
The classic by the Moody Blues
To score my Tuesday Afternoon.
Did I give up my search too soon?
Is there another Dienstag Lied
That qualifies as Best of Breed?
They’re out there. LockerGnome proved that
Four years ago. The one by Cat
Is one about which I’d forgotten;
Yusuf’s tunes are rarely rotten
And this is no exception, but
Does it deserve to make the cut
If, somehow, it had slipped my mind?
It’s in the running, but behind.
Likewise for The Smithereens:
Stuck behind amnesia’s screens
It’s hard to make a solid case
That Groovy Tuesday wins the race.
The list goes on, but Tuesday’s ending,
So I guess I’ll stop pretending
Any other tune will do:
My Tuesday’s moody, and it’s blue.


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