Just Over The Wire

Procrastinators’ New Year’s Eve
Is nearly here, and I believe
I’ll try to steal a march this year
And post my resolutions here
Before the February rush.
I’ll start with quitting Candy Crush,
Which I’ve not yet begun to play
But plan to take up any day.
I’m also going to find a kid
To see Toy Story with. (I did
Intend to take my own along,
But now they’re grown it just feels wrong.)
And, finally, that checked-out book
I haven’t yet returned? Here, look,
It’s on my coffee table, under-
Neath these 8-tracks: Time of Wonder,
First grade, 1968,
In Massachusetts. Slightly late,
But I don’t think Miss Walsh will care
(Assuming she’s still working there).
Three resolutions ought to be
Achievable, I think, for me,
And it’ll be a thrill to say
They’re done before the Y2K
Bug hits…just kidding! We’ll be fine!
Happy 1999!


One thought on “Just Over The Wire

  1. I notice my resolution lists are repeats, no matter the time interval. Throwing lists away is not one of the resolutions.

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