Homeland Security

No one who is not like me
In every way should ever be
Allowed to cross the border to
Approach me. After all, if you
Are not my perfect doppelgänger
You’re no better than a stränger
And as kids we all were taught
That strangers are with danger fraught.
No, even folks I helped create
Are not exempt: They’ll have to wait
Until they’re vetted thoroughly,
Religiously and morally,
Before an audience I’ll grant,
Which, truth to tell, I likely shan’t,
Because who knows what they may say
Or do once they’ve been made to stray?
Perspectives alien are banned
Completely! Now, I understand
That it may seem unfair, but know
It’s necessary even so
Because my safety’s paramount
And yours, quite frankly, doesn’t count.
On this point I shall not yield!
For once the border comes unsealed
Corruption rushes through the hole
To putrify my spotless soul,
And that would be a crying shame
For which I’d have to share the blame
For lapsing in the vigilance
With which I must defend the fence
That I’ve erected (and the ditch
Beside it filled with sharks) for which
You told me you were glad to pay.
You’re very welcome. Go away.


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