Mixed Messages

No one thinks there’s something strange or
Weird about a plastic manger
Flanked by people made of snow
Who bow when their butt-fans don’t blow?
Giant candy canes beside
The carpenter’s step-joy and -pride,
A cow, a drummer boy, and three
Wise men of eastern royalty
Don’t dissonate your cognizance?
The fur-lined jacket, hat and pants
That Santa wears in Bethlehem?
Does no one think, “What’s up with them?”
As solo acts I’m down with those;
It’s weird, though, when they juxtapose
But I’m not here to judge, so, hey,
Enjoy your mixed-up holiday!


One thought on “Mixed Messages

  1. T’is the season to decide if the decorations are for night or day or both and are they easy to erect and store… in good spirits

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