Mixed Messages

No one thinks there’s something strange or
Weird about a plastic manger
Flanked by people made of snow
Who bow when their butt-fans don’t blow?
Giant candy canes beside
The carpenter’s step-joy and -pride,
A cow, a drummer boy, and three
Wise men of eastern royalty
Don’t dissonate your cognizance?
The fur-lined jacket, hat and pants
That Santa wears in Bethlehem?
Does no one think, “What’s up with them?”
As solo acts I’m down with those;
It’s weird, though, when they juxtapose
But I’m not here to judge, so, hey,
Enjoy your mixed-up holiday!


About Michael

Silliness is good
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One Response to Mixed Messages

  1. Judy says:

    T’is the season to decide if the decorations are for night or day or both and are they easy to erect and store… in good spirits

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