Dishonor Roll

Seems like everywhere we look
There’s someone aping Sandy Hook.
Just on campuses alone
You’re safer in a battle zone:
The list that follows only shows
Attacks where someone died, and those
Are quite enough. Please, take the time
To read the full list, purged of rhyme.

Deep breath. Tamp revulsion’s fires…
Here we go.

First up, Fort Myers;
Hazard, KY; Chicago, too;
Then Sparks; Arapahoe; Purdue;
Next, Orangeburg; then Raytown, MO;
And Motown; Griffith; (lots to go)
Milwaukee; then the schoolyard battle
Moves northwest to sad Seattle;
Troutdale; Benton, Misery*
(*With two in MO, that works for me);
Now blast back east to Newport News;
Now south to Fairburn (Langston Hughes);
Marysville; Pittsburgh, PA;
Columbia; Merced, CA;
Goldsboro; Cleveland; Converse, Tex.;
Wichita; Savannah’s next;
Then Sacramento (SCC);
Then Cleveland, Miss.; then UCC
In Roseburg; now, San Bernardino

…which completes this list, but we know
Better than to think that’s true
For long.

I’m sick of this, aren’t you?


One thought on “Dishonor Roll

  1. It’s far past time to arm responsible citizens – teachers in schools, those going to theaters, those in businesses, etc. Those who are responsible for all the attacks are cowards, preying on the defenseless. Bristle with guns and they will stop in some cases and be slowed in others.

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