Depth Perception

My depth perception gives me pride.
The orbs I’ve placed on either side
Of my proboscis aren’t decor
Alone; they’re that, plus so much more!
Say, is that panther drawing nearer?
Sir, the anther can’t be clearer:
You should turn and run like hell!
You’re lucky I perceive so well
The relative proximity
Of objects in the space near me!
Think so? No, I don’t think, I know.
I’m scoping them in stereo!
Then surely you’ll have noticed that
You’re closer to that giant cat
Than I…or are you? Darn this patch!
Oh, dear. I’ve died of panther scratch.

Fashionistas play with fire. It’s
Always been the bane of pirates:
Sure, an eye patch may look dashing
But you’re bound to take a thrashing
Or at least acquire a scar
If choosing whether near or far
More accurately indicates
That thing defeating your shipmates
Comes down to chance or random guess.
Depth, well-perceived, though, spells success!
Any meaningful resistance
To a threat depends on distance:
Cannon? Pistol? Hand-to-hand?
Quite different tactics. Understand?
Hey, where’d you go? Oh, right. You’re dead.
Oh, well. At least the cat’s been fed.


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