Reasonable men can disagree
But we’ve just reached the tipping point for me:
If you don’t think the time has finally come
For stronger gun control, you must be dumb.
It isn’t personal. You’re not a dick
(As far as I know), but you’re clearly thick.
There’s nowhere else on all of planet Earth
Where anybody thinks that guns are worth
The almost daily death, distress and woe
Engendered by our stupid status quo.
Defending to our deaths your sacred right
To own an arsenal means you’re not bright
Enough to grasp the concept in your hand;
Put down the gun, perhaps you’ll understand.
And empty hands will leave your fingers free
So you can count the corpses that we see
Accumulating everywhere we look.
The victims’ names alone could fill a book
From San Ysidro down through Sandy Hook
To yesterday in Roseburg, Oregon.
What chump defends an Umpqua for a gun?
It’s obvious: An idiot would do
Exactly that. Am I maligning you?
It isn’t my intent to give offense.
You’re stupid, but it’s not your fault you’re dense.
I won’t apologize for lacking tact.
Your low I.Q. is just objective fact.
You cry that it’s a senseless tragedy
And on that score I partially agree.
It’s senseless, but the tragedy is this:
Your ignorance is slaughtering our bliss.


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