Old School

Learning stuff is hard enough;
Recalling how you learned is tough.
By learning something, though, you earn
The right to fight how others learn.
If it worked for you, that’s great!
And if it didn’t, and you hate
The subject to this very day
They still should teach the thing that way.
If it worked out for you (or not)
Then that’s the way it should be taught
Forever. After all, your kid
Will likely ask you how they did,
And when you’re busy homework-checking
There’s no time for what-the-hecking.
As the grown-up, you should know
Exactly how they’re s’posed to show
Their work, and if you don’t, it’s ’cause
They’ve changed the way it always was!
Education shouldn’t change.
Today’s technique should not be strange.
The way you learned will always do.
Just wipe your slate clean when you’re through.


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