Symbolism is a hoe;
A feather from an upstart crow;
A locket on a silvered chain;
A land-locked boat; a flying train.
In other words, you’ve captured it.
If “other words” exactly fit
You’ve “missed” the “boat,” but if they’re near,
We’re talking Symbolism here.
When you’re reading Allegory,
That’s a “names have been changed” story
Shielding neither innocent
Nor quite the writer’s true intent,
While Metaphor is like (or as)
A Simile that’s set to jazz–
It’s what the author doesn’t say
That really gives the game away.
But Symbolism is a fish;
A pawn on which you make a wish;
A pig who wears a velvet cape;
A spool of unrecorded tape.
When bearded politicians cry
Pellucid tears from one black eye
While shaving an electric cat
Whose ears recall a Disney hat
Of marmot meat…yeah. It’s like that.


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