The Bison

The bison is a noble brute,
If noble means “not hard to shoot.”
In days gone by they filled the plain
With mounds their diet can’t explain
(Less fiber than you’d think there’d be).
Their mighty herds were sights to see
But handheld telephones back then
Lacked photo apps, so proof is thin-
To-nonexistent: What we’ve heard
Is based upon the written word,
Which word’s oft written buffalo,
So ought that word be trusted? No.
Here’s brass tacks about the bison:
As a target, it’s a nice ‘un.
William Cody’d just be “Bill”
If “buffalo” were hard to kill,
But since they weren’t, they’ve gone away,
And bison mostly aren’t today.
If you see one, say hello!
But please, don’t call them buffalo.


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