I don’t know why it bothers me
That sometimes things I want are free
When I’ve spent eons saving for
These things I don’t want anymore.
It doesn’t make a lick of sense
That I’d begrudge the non-expense
So what’s the deal with sacrifice
That makes the object extra-nice?
“Take it back!” I’d like to cry.
“Who needs this free debris? Not I!”
This situation’s purely hypo-
Thetical: I’ll be a ripe ol’
Age before I flat reject
A discount, so in that respect
It’s just the work that I lament
And not the money never spent.
If you know why, well, I don’t care
And I won’t pay to know. So there.
(But, not for nothing, though, if you
Can fill me in for free, please do!)


One thought on “Contrarian

  1. Contrariness may have been why we enjoyed two recreational sports early on then lost interest as they became popular. Anticipation, committment and a quest come to mind too. Pleasurable experiences all.

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