Warm Fuzzies

I did the things I’m supposed to do–
Threw in a few electives, too–
So when the Moving Finger’s writ
This week it may condense a bit
Before it moves along because
A lot this week went is to was.
You’d think, accordingly, that I’d
Be glad to be so well-supplied
With topics about which to verse,
But more than less may oft be worse
Than t’other way around for me–
To choose means something loses, see?
But here’s the best of what went on:
My daughter’s first half-marathon!
And that she let me share the ride
Is what the rest all pale beside.
Hey, hot sea lion hug? Too bad.
You’ll understand when you’re a dad.
Tomorrow though I’ll toenails shed,
I’m smiling as I head to bed.


One thought on “Warm Fuzzies

  1. Wow! Yeah Siri and Michael! On Hilary’s birthday too. We’ll remember that forever, Siri. Love, Panamá, (and Panapá) Coronado

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