The Partridge Family had a quirky
Jingle touching Albuquerque
Which recalled the San Jose
Conundrum, viz., Who knows the way?

It wasn’t a demanding test–
For both, the answer’s mostly west
But something–love, perhaps?–obscured
The towns to which the lost were lured.

A second question’s begged: How long
Must one be lost before a song
Requesting cartographic aid
Seems worth the work of being made?

Today, of course, with GPS
And Google Maps, the answer’s Yes,
I know the way, and furthermore
How many minutes door-to-door!

What lyric gems were lost to us
The day the Partridge Family bus
Was pimped with in-dash navigation?
Just imagine Keith’s frustration.

Nowadays the NSA
Can tell we’re bound for San Jose
Some weeks before the trail is hit–
Our texts’ contexts predicted it.

While stalkers and the lovelorn lost
May call this progress, pray, what cost
Have pop aficionados paid
Now wand’ring minstrels won’t stay strayed?

All due respect to Don McLean,
He mourned but one small private plane
But music may have truly died
When Google killed the Thomas Guide.


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