Breakfast At Sam’s Place

So, where was I? A pleasure dome,
Was that it? Oh, the dulcimer!
No? No, don’t tell me, it’ll come,
I’m sure it will. Oh, hey, have some…
What did he say they were?
That guy who just dropped by, he said
That they taste better when they’re red
But even with a little green
Around the top, there, near the stem–
Just pinch that off. No, look, I mean
Like this. See? Taste it…no, thank him!

What? Him? Oh, he’s from Porlock, down
The valley. He was s’posed to have
Arrived here yesterday around
Mid-morning but the road from town
Was torn up by construction. Laugh
You might, but we have “rush hour” too!
It’s maybe not as rough as you
Might deal with in the city, but
It’s still annoying. Listen, what
Were we discussing? Xanadu?
Or Paradise? Oh, heck, it’s half
Escaped me. Whatcha gonna do?


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