On A (Rock ‘n’) Roll

Training for a marathon
Has highs and lows, and often on
The self-same day: A tempo run
Can hurt like hell but still be fun,
And likewise, you can do your best
And feel unequal to the test
On Saturday; on Sunday, though,
You might be fast while feeling slow.
Today in Portland’s half I rocked–
I held my pace and never walked–
But what that means a fortnight hence?
A coach might know, but I’m too dense
So, like a kayak on a river,
I’ll just let the day deliver
What it will, and stay afloat
As best I can. I trust my boat
(And legs) to master every mile
Till I finish with a smile.
Whether (likely) slow or fast,
Two weeks from now it will have passed
To make it eighteen in row
(And counting). Why? I still don’t know.


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