Little Help?

I’m juggling not because I can
Or need to prove I’m better than
All those who’ve never dared or tried
To keep three things (or more) enflied,
My motive is the simple fact
That catching is a skill I’ve lacked
Since I was very, very small:
I throw, but I can’t catch at all.
The balls (or shoes, or pets) are tossed…
At which point my direction’s lost:
Was I supposed to catch them too?
I’d hoped I could depend on you,
My audience, to make it stop!
Just grab a puppy* off the top
(*Or carrot, power tool, or egg)
And place it gently by my leg
While I keep throwing up the rest–
A hint of hurry might be best
If messiness we would avoid;
I know some people are annoyed
By kitty vomit raining down
Like horror from a children’s clown–
And when the last balloon (or book)
Has been retrieved, I’ll help you look
For what possessed me to begin
This juggle fit, and quit. Win-win!


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