2014: A Celebration of Anti-Climax!

Is it already Christmas Eve?
It came so fast I can’t believe
It happened. I look back a year
And can’t quite figure how we’re here.

You know how, when a week’s been frantic,
Saturday is like a tantric
Interlude of blessed sloth?
Cool LEDs if you’re a moth?

That’s what Two Thousand Fourteen
Has been for us: A year, I mean,
That wasn’t packed with thrills and Wow!
But we enjoyed it anyhow.

Kari’s still a Teacher’s Aide,
Michael’s still a geek. We stayed
In Salem almost constantly,
With just one trip. Two? Okay, three.

Iain’s on IMDb
For working on a show you’ll see
On Amazon if you’ve got Prime,
So that’s how he spent half his time.

Siri’s still a student in
Chicago–a DePaulean–
And working as a photo pro
At DPAM. Eighteen months to go!

Let’s see, what else? You might have heard
That Michael’s an enormous nerd?
Well, now there’s proof, ’cause it’s in print!
And that’s where Michael’s summer went.

Siri had an internship
In San Diego, but the trip
Acquired a vacation spin
When they reneged…so, still a win.

See what I mean? The year we’ve had
Was quiet, which is far from bad.
A little boredom can be nice,
The rice behind a meal of spice.

Our year won’t be a bore again,
Though, if you come to Oregon,
So take a Northwest holiday
And visit–you’ve a place to stay!

Was your year more exciting? Less?
And if to either you said yes,
Here’s hoping it’s a product of
An annum filled with joy and love.

So, Happy Holidays to you!
Enjoy the things you have to do
And treasure those with whom they’re done,
And may your year be filled with fun!


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