El Cambio Rapido

El Dia de los Muertos
Always brings to mind the cry
Of the old lady selling flowers
As Bill Murray shuffles by
Supporting Randy Quaid, who’s injured
After freaking out and jumping
From a moving taxi driven
By that guy from Wings and Monk, then
On the bus with Geena Davis
He finds out about the baby
That she’s now afraid to mention
To Bill Murray now that maybe
He’s become a master criminal
And bluffed a bunch of minions
And made later reservations
Without asking their opinions
And they’re walking down the alley
To the airport in the distance
And the whole benighted city’s
Insurmountable resistance
Is about to overwhelm them
And this lady’s wailing, Flores–
That’s the Spanish word for flowers–
Para–for–los muertos! Sore as
He may be, still Randy wonders
Out loud, Grimm–he means Bill Murray–
What’s that mean, “¿para los muertos?”
And pretending not to know, he
Answers Gee, I couldn’t tell you
At which Geena Davis blurts out
It means “flowers for the dead”
And then all Randy’s anguish spurts out
As Bill Murray glares at Geena
And she knows that she’s just blown it…
It’s not streamable on Netflix
But the VHS? I own it.


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