I Could Build A Bridge

I could build a bridge

If need be

If you told me to
I could build a bridge

If you asked me to
I would ask you
To what purpose
To where
From where
And from when to when

But if you said
A bridge is to be built
And I should build it
I could
Build a bridge

I would want to know
The reason for the bridge
But I could build it
If you said to build it

Do you want to cross
This stream
That gorge
A cataract

And having crossed
Will you perhaps
Or need
Or wish
Or hope
To return
To where
You said
To build a bridge

I would wonder

But I would build a bridge
If you told me
Build a bridge

Will you tell me
That is not the bridge
That is not my bridge
I said
Build a bridge
You give me this
This not-a-bridge

I will build a bridge
And if you tell me
Build a bridge of stone
I will
Build a bridge of stone
And if you step
And fall
Because of
The bridge of stone
Built by your command
Will I regret
Or you
That I did not know how
To build the bridge
You need

If you need to cross
This stream
Right now
I will carry you

If you want to cross
That gorge
I will ferry you

If you wish to cross
A cataract
I will make it

And if you
I will be here
Or without
A bridge

As you command


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