Spontaneous? Come Buskin’!

Anyplace you will have went
Be sure you’ve packed an instrument
In case a stray creative spark
Ignites in, say, a public park
Where you can quickly seize the muse
And make her pay her tunely dues.
Though hobo folk and park-bench hoppers
Aren’t renowned as money-droppers,
Picnickers who dig your act
Might tip you big, and that’s a fact.
A quick and purty hurdy-gurdy
Concert or impromptu thirty-
Minute set on violin
Could net a hundred bucks–or ten–
Depending on the people’s taste
And on the skills with which you’re graced.
Accordionists on the street
Will rarely win if they compete
For coins and bills with ukulele
Virtuosi; still, a gaily
Rendered reinterpretation
Of an 80s pop sensation
On a squeezebox could surprise–
And siphon funds from–island guys.
The point is, if you come prepared
To play, the music that you’ve shared
With strangers may bring compensation!
That’s the fun of Busker Nation.

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