Tax & Bend

At six-foot-three I’m fairly tall
But I stopped playing basketball
In Ronald Reagan’s second term
When my right knee became infirm.
The fault was mine: I took a charge
But got there late, and when my large
Opponent’s knee hit mine side-on,
My M- and ACLs were gone.
Although I worked three jobs, I had
No health insurance, which was bad
Because my knee, no longer able,
Bore the “pre-existing” label.
No insurance plan would share
Expenses for my joint’s repair
So, 24 years later now,
If I turn right too fast, well, ow.
The ruptured disks and racing heart
Came later; I’d feel pretty smart
If I had planned to keep them hid
‘Til I was covered, as I did,
Because without my Kaiser plan
I’d be shorter, sadder man
Without a hope–until today–
Of ever finding means to pay
For surgery and medication
In this pre-PPACA nation.
My beat-skipping heart is glad
My kids won’t need the luck I had,
‘Cause Justice Roberts weighed the facts
And ruled the mandate is a tax.

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