Countdown (2003)

“Good morning, Siri. How’d you sleep?”
She answered, “Three more days!”

“Be careful, Sydney’s wet,” I said.
She added, “…plus today.”

“Have you had breakfast?” I inquired.
“Three plus four is seven!”

“Is Iain still asleep upstairs?”
“This week he’s still eleven.”

“What’s on your mind this morning, babe?”
“I’m turning nine on Thursday!”

“Is that a spider on your head?”
“Three days until my birthday!”

“I have to take my shower now.”
“Three days, and then a wake-up!”

“I think the cat coughed up a cow.”
“Then–hic!–my birth–hic!–day–cup!”

“Perhaps on Friday we can chat?”
(“…my birthday mirthday firthday!”)

“I get the strong impression that–”


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