Cadel Frank Baum

Courage, Heart and Brains
Clad in yellow on the bricks
Rode the Wiz from Oz



Every day there’s more
Written, whispered, shouted out,
That I’ll never know


This is poem post two hundred three for the year
And I thought I’d try something unusual here:
In the morning, when juices creative are flowing,
I’ll write, so I don’t approach midnight not knowing
If this is the day that the wordstream runs dry,
And I’m not forced to write on what catches my eye
As I frantically scan my surroundings for clues
To a concept that might, if I force-feed my Muse,
Result in a sonnet, quatrain or haiku
I’ll then rush to thrust into the publishing queue
At the risk of appearing an unlettered bumpkin
For errors induced by the proximate pumpkin…

…well, that was the plan, anyway, but now look:
It’s forty past eight, not that late, but it took
Nearly 900 minutes from “pumpkin…” to “…well,”
And what’s written’s emitting that New Pumpkin Smell
So it’s time to bring verse two-oh-three to its end,
Find a rhymed resolution, click Save, and hit Send.

Implicit Content Warning

Flowers wilting in the pot
Represent some things they’re not
Aphids gnawing ragged leaves
Are like a thing some guy believes
If mister moistens arid soil
Maybe potted plants won’t spoil…
Could their resurrection teach
Important lessons? Jeez, don’t preach!

Twenty-One Plus One

Last year, when you had had one day
To get used to majority,
A ’60s flashback came my way
And left me this epiphany:
You’d lived and breathed and walked the earth
(At least, you’d touched it with your feet)
For more years than, before your birth,
Had passed since moon and man did meet!
On 7/20/69
(When I was seven plus eight days)
Neil A. was cued to say his line
And fumbled that immortal phrase
As, “One small step for [not ‘a’] man,
“One giant step for mankind.” Wow.
With all the time he had to plan
His words, he still screwed up somehow.
But, anyway, my point, I think,
(To tell the truth, I’ve quite forgot)
Was something like, You’re On The Brink
Of Journeys Vast…or maybe not.
I mean, you ARE, that’s certain, but
That might not be where I was going.
So, hey, enjoy the ride, ’cause what
Awaits you? Here’s to never knowing!

“How [thwop] is that [thwop]-ie in the win-[thwop-thwop-thwop]?”

When using a purpose-built tool you may find
It’s a match for the task for which it was designed,
Which is just as it should be. Use caution, however,
In case you feel tempted to use, say, a lever
For driving a nail, or your needle-nose pliers
To hold franks and marshmallows over campfires,
Or even — which would be the gravest of wrongs —
Toilet plungers for teaching small dogs to sing songs.