Runner Up

Nighttime in the Valley of the Sun…
My marathoning weekend has begun.
Two hours in the terminal, and then
I move into the exit row again
For one last hop across the desert sand
To San Diego, where (I hope) we’ll land
In time for me to get a good night’s sleep
Before tomorrow’s expo, where I’ll keep
My streak of fourteen marathons intact
(That’s every Rock ‘n’ Roll there’s been, in fact)
When I check in downtown. For Sunday’s race,
I’ll once again attempt a 4-hour pace,
But if my past performance means a jot,
My chance of breaking four is…well, it’s not.
My only hope–to say it gives me pain–
Is that the sabbath dawns with freezing rain.
Sunny skies to me are kryptonite;
Conversely, cold and wet is sheer delight!
It never rains in Southern Calif., though,
The singer Albert Hammond told me so
When I was ten, and why would Albert lie?
(He’s also known for I Don’t Wanna Die
In An Air Disaster
; I’m inclined
To take his side on that: We’re of one mind
On how to leave this life.) Though I make sport
Of his meteor-illogical report,
I must admit, he’s likely to be right
And put the “sun” in Sunday, so in spite
Of all the distance training I’ve put in,
I’ll “hit the wall” at 30K again.
My honest guess for when I’ll cross the line?
From start to finish, bet on 4:09.
My goal is still sub-four, and I will get it
Someday, but if Sunday’s warm, forget it.


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2 Responses to Runner Up

  1. dragonkatet says:

    Wow. I have read through your latest ‘runner’ poems and I must say I really admire you for doing the marathons! So did you beat your best time? Was it 4:09? 🙂

    • Michael says:

      Close, but not quite: 4:16:05. My major accomplishment this year was a greater appreciation for being outside actively enjoying a beautiful, sunny day…although there were a few nonconsecutive miles in the final third in which that sentiment was somewhat strained. ;~)

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