Moo – Chapter 15

The Bad News: The NaNoWriMo train has left the station, but Flopsy and Mopsy are still on the platform, stuck for all time at an official word count of 16,208.

The Good(?) News: The Narrator desperately wants to help tell their story, because it’s been so desperately dull for the past 150-odd years…and things are about to get a lot odder. We just have to get through a bit more excruciating exposition: The Narrator.


One thought on “Moo – Chapter 15

  1. Well, I certainly hope that the narrator wants to help since you’ve been doing all the hard work for 16K words… I’m sure you’re not considering leaving us all hanging, waiting to know more about Helen’s Mopsy, Flopsy’s Mopsy, Mopsy’s Flopsy or Flopsy’s Mopsy, to say nothing of their Mommy. You know, after just a very little bit, those words start looking funny, don’t they…?

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