Mother Earth’s Day

M is for Massive block of Minerals and Moisture spinning Madly through the blackness with Mankind upon its back.

E is Everybody yelling Every time it’s hot–or cold, or windy, wet or arid–that the Earth is out of whack.

H is Holy Heck, How come we Have to Help Her Heal when all she’s given us is Home, Health, Happiness…?

Put them all together, they spell MEH.

This Earth Day message brought to you by Apathy, which caused this mess.

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Boston Patriot

Meb Keflezighi has a way
Of ending losing streaks. Today
In Boston his historic win
Put U.S.A. out front again!
Olympic medal? Athens: Check.
New York? 2009. Oh, heck,
You might as well win Boston, too!
Today, the Patriot is you.

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Come Fanno Muore I Cavalli?

“Nineteen knives and twenty horses.”
My online Italian course is
Creepy sometimes. Elsewise, why
Should I learn, “How do horses die?”

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The Nerd

Frequently I’ve been miscast,
But this time isn’t like the last.
In Earnest I was Lane, and he,
A model of efficiency
And tidiness, was no more like
Myself than fish are like a bike.
Today, however, someone whom
I barely know surveyed a room
Of aspirants, and as a bird
Knows south, she found the one true nerd.

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Paul Voyeur’s Ride

Paul Revere kindled patriot pride
By embracing his Peeping Tom side.
His ejaculation
Gave birth to a nation:
“The British are coming!” he cried.

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The British Are Just, Y’Know, Kind Of Standing There!

Listen, my children, I know you’re here
For Historical Poetry Night. I fear
There’s been slight mix-up. We did say five,
But five on the eighteenth. I’m sorry, but I’ve
Got a thing…can you come back tomorrow? Oh, dear.

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I walked a mile in his shoes
And got a blister and a bruise.
The blister’s ’cause his shoes were tight;
The bruise is prob’ly from the fight.
So, note to self: You’re courtin’ sorrow,
‘Less you ask afore you borrow.

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