The Best Part Of Freaking Out

Nothing that you’ve ever done
In life can really set you up
To deal maturely with a spider
Crawling from your coffee cup
Across your lip and up your nostril
While you take a healthy pull
But let me tell you after that
From then ’till lunch is mighty dull.

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I Know Man

So I sd, start
with a hic-
coughing chick-

en & see
it takes you–

the water sur-
rounds us, what

duck it’s a god
damn duck
just hold yr breath

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Kerouac’s Haiku

Kerouac’s haiku
Measures truth as right or long
Sparrow crushing leaf

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pitch-perfect phrases red
brittle brown gold
scuttle sideways to the porch
huddle against the porch
crackle rustle tickle
cold air contracts old
brick red stacks
wisped with smoke
dead voices choke
on perfect words
birds cross pitched roofs
drop beneath eaves
the cold leaves
stay, still

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Whither Fuzzyfins?

Darwin found few fish with fur
Although we know he must have tried.
I wonder what his motives were?
Another child’s dream denied.

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Things That Go Bump

Banging shutters, slamming door,
Creaking ceiling, squeaky floor…
Daylight: Just another chore.
Night time: That’s what lights are for.

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With thirty different kinds of tea
From which to choose in front of me
I squoze my thrumbling, stuffled head
In tissued fists and fled to bed

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